Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

  • What is function of DeskJet and Inkjet Printer?
  • How to assemble printers and how to use its Parts?
  • Reassembling of inkjet-DeskJet Printer
  • Identification of Printer Parts and how to do printer troubleshooting?
  • About Paper Feeder Sensor
  • What is Door Sensor?

LaserJet Printer.

  • Concept of Laser Printer function
  • Use of of Laser printer Block Diagram
  • Block Diagram of Laser Printer
  • Introduction of LaserJet printer and its Importance
  • How to check Common Fault & Equality of Printer
  • Learn about Circuit Concept
  • How to do Cartage Refilling
  • PCB Concept & Control Unit
  • About Power Unit & Lens Assembly
  • Scanner Device and Copier Devices

Dot-matrix Printer

  • Function of Dot Matrix Printer and its Concept
  • Dot-matrix Mechanism and Daisy Chain
  • About Drum Printer and Printer Head Working
  • Learn about Power Supply & Processor Section
  • What is Pin Head Refurbish
  • Concept of SMPS Board
  • Toner Refilling
  • Cartridge Toner Refilling
  • Cartridge Inkjet Refilling