Total Class: 18 Classes       

 ( Duration: 6 Months, Class Time: 4 Hrs )

The basic and simple problems can easily be solved with just a little know-how. There are also more advanced laptop problems that you might face with the software. Advanced laptop repairs are not easy to do unless you have experience and have done a certified course to help you do the repairs successfully.

The below are the modules of each courses.


  1. Laptop introduction
  2. Laptop specification and model number
  3. Laptop adapter types pin function and specification
  4. Types laptop motherboard
  5. Block diagram of laptop motherboard
  6. Laptop ports and slots identification and uses


  1. Laptop dissembling and assembling method
  2. Laptop motherboard component identification
  3. Laptop all ic’s identification & functions
  4. Laptop motherboard section block diagram and power distribution
  5. Motherboard section identification


  1. Volt in section
  2. Volt in section identification
  3. Block diagram and function of volt in
  4. Component use in volt in section
  5. Volt in section fault finding


  1. Charging and discharging section
  2. Charging section identification
  3. Different types of charging circuit
  4. Function of charging and discharging section
  5. Types of laptop battery
  6. Battery port pin configure and function
  7. Laptop battery inside structure
  8. Laptop battery testing and boosting process
  9. Fault findings of charging section


  1. What is step down section
  2. Identification of step down section
  3. Block diagram of step down section
  4. Circuits of step down section
  5. Types of step down section
  6. Working function of different types of step down section
  7. All type of step down ic pin description
  8. Step down section related problems and solutions
  9. Different Laptop motherboard on off sequence


  1. VRM section
  2. What is a voltage regulated module
  3. How to find out VRM section in different types laptop motherboard
  4. VRM section component identification
  5. Block diagram of VRM
  6. Working function & application and control of VRM
  7. All type VRM ic pin description
  8. Enabling of VRM chip
  9. VRM section fault finding and trouble shooting


  1. Clock Generator Section
  2. How to find out Clock section in various types of laptop motherboard
  3. Block diagram of clock section
  4. Circuit of clock generator section
  5. Clock Enabling and oscillation
  6. Clock section fault finding and troubleshooting with frequency counter and digital CRO


  1. What is RAM?
  2. How ram works
  3. Types of ram and it’s specification
  4. Ram section block diagram
  5. Ram section circuit diagram
  6. Ram VTT controller
  7. Ram slot testing by ram slot tester
  8. Ram section fault findings


  1. North bridge section
  2. Northbridge block diagram
  3. Northbridge internal structure and ball view
  4. Northbridge power supply and signals
  5. Northbridge health and dry testing
  6. Types Of North Bridge Chipsets
  7. Chip set Manufacturing Companies
  8. Fault finding and trouble shootings


  2. What is GPU
  3. Function of GPU
  4. Block diagram of GPU
  5. Supply and voltage circuit
  6. Function of video ram
  7. How to convert laptop mobo graphic to Nongraphic
  8. Graphic chip manufacturer companies
  9. GPU related problems and solutions


  1. Southbridge and PCH section
  2. Block diagram of SB & PCH
  3. Southbridge & PCH voltage and signals
  4. Some Southbridge Related Problems
  5. Super I/O section
  6. Block diagram of super I/O
  7. Super i/o full function
  8. Important voltages and signal for super I/O
  9. How to remove and fix Super I/O ic
  10. I/O ic pin Details
  11. I/O ic programming
  12. Faults from super i/o ic


  1. Bios section
  2. What is a bios
  3. Types of bios ic
  4. Bios ic pin details and functions
  5. How to bios program build up
  6. Bios file extentions
  7. Bios backup process online and offline
  8. Bios programming and editing
  9. Bios password removal process for all brand
  10. Fault of bios & Bios Error Codes


  1. Display and LVDS section
  2. Types of display
  3. What is the Difference between LCD & LED
  4. How find size of any display
  5. Pin details of LCD & LED connectors
  6. CCFL inverter block diagram
  7. Fl inverter function
  8. Fl inverter related problems
  9. How to fix a universal fl inverter
  10. Display related problems


  1. Audio section
  2. Audio Ic Function
  3. Identification Of Audio Ic
  4. Audio Connector Name
  5. Audio Ic Pin Diagram
  6. Pin Functions Of Audio Ic
  7. Pin Diagram Of Audio Amplifier Ic
  8. Audio Amplifier Ic Internal Diagram
  9. Pin Function Of Audio Amplifier Ic
  10. Audio Ic & Amplifier Ic List
  11. Audio Section General Trouble Shooting
  12. Lan section
  13. Lan ic block diagram
  14. Funtion of lan ic
  15. Voltages and signals of lan ic
  16. Faults finding


  2. Thermal Section Components Identification
  3. Functional Block Diagram of Thermal Ic
  4. Thermal Control Ic Pin Diagram
  5. Function Of Cpu Fan Speed Control Ic
  6. Thermal Section N-Channel FET Pin Diagram
  7. Some Temperature Control Ic’s List
  8. How to Reduce Laptop Processor Heat?
  9. Laptop Cooling Fan Problem & Solution
  10. Cpu Fan Does Not Rotate –What Is Solution?


  2. What is Debug Card and its Explanation,
  3. Types of Debug Card
  4. Debug Card Inside
  5. Debug Card Definitions, How to Install a Debug Card
  6. Models of Debug Card
  7. Types of Error Messages
  8. How to test the Motherboard using Debug


  1. Fault Findings and troubleshooting
  2. Dead
  3. No display
  4. Laptop going hang
  5. Suddenly restart
  6. Fatal error(Blue screen)
  7. Operating system not loading
  8. No back light problems
  9. Overheating problems
  10. USB not working
  11. Keypad related problems
  12. Charging problems


  1. Touch pad not working
  2. WIFI not working
  3. LAN not working
  4. Audio problems
  5. Screen problems
  6. Webcam not working
  7. HDD or CD/DVD detection problems
  8. HDMI port not working
  9. Automatic restart problems
  10. Continue beep sound coming
  11. Laptop hinges and body fabrication
  12. Component level SMD practical
  13. Understanding of schematics diagram
  14. Schematics dictionary
  15. Schematics short forms and full forms understanding
  16. Laptop CPU socket & RAM slot tester and checker functions