Total Class: 12( Duration: 3 Months, Class Time: 4 Hrs )

Session 1

Introduction of desktop motherboard

Types of desktop motherboard

Block diagrams of desktops motherboard


Port and slot identification and functions

Motherboard section and IC identification


Session 2

VRM Section

What is a voltage regulated module

How to find out VRM section in different types motherboard

VRM section component identification

Block diagram of VRM

Working function & application and control of VRM

All type VRM ic pin description

Enabling of VRM chip

VRM section fault finding and trouble shooting


Session 3

Clock Generator Section

How to find out Clock section in various types of laptop motherboard

Block diagram of clock section

Circuit of clock generator section

Clock Enabling and oscillation

Clock section fault finding and troubleshooting with frequency counter and digital CRO


Session 4

Ram Section

What is RAM?

How ram works

Types of ram and it’s specification

Ram section block diagram

Ram section circuit diagram

Ram VTT controller

Ram slot testing by ram slot tester

Ram section fault findings


Session 5

Northbridge block diagram

Northbridge internal structure and ball view

Northbridge power supply and signals

Northbridge health and dry testing

Types Of North Bridge Chipset

Chip set Manufacturing Companies

Fault finding and trouble shootings


Session 6

Southbridge and PCH section

Block diagram of SB & PCH

Southbridge & PCH voltage and signals

Some Southbridge Related Problems


Session 7

Super I/O section

Block diagram of super I/O

Super i/o full function

Important voltages and signal for super I/O

How to remove and fix Super I/O ic

I/O ic pin Details

I/O ic programming

Faults from super i/o ic


Session 8

Bios section

What is a bios

Types of bios ic

Bios ic pin details and functions

How to bios program build up

Bios file extensions

Bios backup process online and offline

Bios programming and editing

Fault of bios & Bios Error Codes


Session 9

Audio section

Audio Ic Function

Identification Of Audio Ic

Audio Connector Name

Audio Ic Pin Diagram

Pin Functions Of Audio Ic

Audio Ic  List

Audio Section General Trouble Shooting


Session 10

Lan section

Lan section block diagram

Funtion of  lan ic

Voltages and signals of lan ic

Faults findings


Session 11

Practical Classes

Capacitor removal and fixing process

Smd component soldering process

Super io removal and fixing

Port and slot Replacement procedure


Session 12

Workshop Training and Fault findings

Ram slot tester and Checker uses

Cpu Socket Tester and Dummy functions

Bios programmer operations

Debug cards functions

Problems and solutions